Monday, December 3, 2012

Sail Away

One of my favorite ways to vacation is cruises. This is also one of the cheapest vacations you could go on. With everything included you just have to pay for the cruise and don't have to worry about food. This is especially great if you want a quick getaway and don't have alot of money put back.

A few years ago I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was so relaxing and an amazing experience. Cruising is also addicting! At certain times of the year you can get a cruise for under $200. Some of my classmates went on a cruise in November for $110 a piece. It a great way to go. Do your research and find out when it's going to be cheaper to go. You don't have to go during hurricane season to get a good deal. In fact try not to go then it could get rough. The cheapest cruises are to the Bahamas, Mexico and the Caribbean. Plus they're great for when you're ready to get warm during the cold months.
A few tips for cutting cost... first if you have the time drive to the port you're going out of. It's alot cheaper by splitting the gas cost with your fellow vacationers. Add into your budget about $12 a day for the car to be parked in the parking garage while you're on the cruise. Second, go for an inside cabin on the ship. You aren't really going to spend that much time in your cabin and you can save a big chunk of money this way. Third, be careful about how many extras you get while on the ship. This mostly happens with drinks. Water and coffee are free with your food, but there is always cruise staff walking around offering drinks. They get added to your bill and can add up (trust me). Last, make sure you have extra money for the shore excursions. You will probably want to get a souvenir or two; plus you'll need to get lunch. Have cash for the markets, if you're a good haggler you can get some good deals.
So try a cruise, you'll feel like the rich and famous with this all inclusive way to vacation.

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