Monday, November 26, 2012

Pass the Buck

I would love to go on a tour of Italy. After comparing the prices of putting together my own tour or going with a company that specializes in this area I decided to pass the buck. In fact going to any country where you want to tour more than one city is cheaper going through a tour group. You still need to save and plan ahead, but you can save yourself alot of headache and money taking this route.

With a seasoned company you will have everything laid out for you. Even down to the extra money you can choose to spend on special events. There are no surprises. On the other hand, if you were to plan it all yourself you would most likely run into surprises that could be costly.
Be sure to do your homework when choosing a tour company to go through. Don't just go for the cheapest, go for the most experienced. Make sure you will be going where you want to go and not missing any of the sights you want to see. I for years have like Perillo Tours, I recieve information from them to keep up on what they offer. I have always felt they offered a good experience for resonable money and they have experience. Go Ahead Tours, at is another tour company that offers more destinations than Perillo and airfare is included in the bundle. There's more good companies out there just be sure to do your homework.
Don't be scared of by the sticker price. If you're wanting to do something as big as tour a country it's not going to be super cheap. However, if you plan and save you can have your dream vacation. Going this route allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Where do you want to tour?

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