Friday, December 7, 2012


If I could go anywhere in the United States for vacation it would be Hawaii. There's alot of other places I would love to go as well but Hawaii is at the top of the list. Boosting this already vivid dream is watching Hawaii Five-0 everytime that show opens up with the sights of this beautiful island I'm ready to go! So how to make this a reality?
The first step is figuring out where to go, which island. This can be a tricky choice because there is so much to see. Doing research on the specific islands and what they offer is the key. Some of the islands boast alot of adventure, a variety of things to do and fun nightlife. On the other hand some of the islands are all about relaxing. It comes down to what you want to do on your vacation. Two good sites I've come across for information are and the second being good for deals and tips.


My friends and I have discussed going to Hawaii. We decided we would rent a place to stay from that way we could all chip in on the price and fix some of our meals there. This not only allows us to save money, but it will give us the opportunity to check out the local markets! These two pictures above are two examples of places to stay in Kauai that sleeps 10 people. This is a great way to visit Hawaii without breaking the bank. Hawaii can be expensive so make sure you do your homework. Even looking up the local markets and such that you would be using. Plan with your travel companions and you won't get costly surprises!
I am very ready for this trip! Where would you go with a group?

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