Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not Just a Tourist

It's worth the money to pick up a good travel book. I mean one that's specific to budget traveling or budget traveling in the place you're going. The library should have tons of travel books that will help you navigate where you're going to plan your trip, but you don't necessarily need to own it. You can print maps from the internet, instead of carrying a book with you that will add weight to your luggage. I have bought two travel books that I think will be invaluable to me as I travel throughout my life. Travel Happy, Budget Low by Susanna Zaraysky and Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door. Both of these authors are veteran travelers and have fantastic tips. Things I would never have thought of. Keep in mind that if you own a Kindle, Nook or Ipad you can travel with your books, without the added weight in your luggage. Very handy!

One interesting thing I learned from reading these books and travel blogs is to check on transportation before you leave for the trip. For instance getting train tickets is important to do before you go to Europe, good to know.

Reading through these books has really helped me grasp areas I hadn't thought of. You know, important things that a beginner would never have thought was important. I believe with these tips I can feel more confident and less touristy as I travel.

Have you found any great travel book?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Travel for the Low Cash Flow

I was reminded that college students would love to travel but don't really have the money. As a college student myself I can relate. So why not let being a college student help you travel. Study abroad. There are usually several programs at universities. There are also opportunities for college students that aren't directly connected to specific universities. It's good advise to ask professors and fellow college students about different programs.
The programs and universities usually have scholarships to help with these trips. Plus, you can do legitimate fundraising, since it's with your schooling. This is not only a great way to travel, while still in college, but also a great way to study.
For those of you who are done with college and are interested. There are a number of programs to teach English abroad. I have to be licensed, which will cost a bit of money. The certification you need is called TEFL. This site http://www.teachaway.com/tefl-online/ is one of several that can guide you to pursuing this certification. This investment is worth it if you truly are interested in teaching abroad. There are larger opportunities for teaching in certain areas, specifically Asia and Spanish speaking countries. Don't get scared off though, you do not have to speak the language where your teaching. I have a friend who has done this in Paraguay, since graduating. She took a year and taught there before coming back for graduate school. She loved it! You, of course, may want to just continue on where you would go to teach. It would be a great opportunity to really learn the culture.
So now you see? You don't have to be out of college or wealthy to travel! Whoo hoo!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Four to GO!


                                                                                    IT MAKES LIFE EASIER
Once you have a plan of attack, concerning saving money, it's time to start planning. Be focused. You, like me, may want to go SO many places. But it's better to start out with one trip at a time. Hit the internet, travel books, library and ask friends that have been there. Find out every detail that interests you. So then you're prepared and educated to go on the trip. It takes all the stress (hopefully) out of the trip once you're on it. Make sure you plan for extras, you know souviers or some fun unexpected opportunity. All this planning ahead will help you know how much money you need to save. So that you're not just saving forever or not saving enough.

When you're planning ahead don't get so caught up in the "scheduling" that you don't enjoy the trip. Even professional vacation tours allow for free time and choosing different activities. Remember why you want to go where you're going. What do you want to see and do. Planning ahead is important for your budget and sanity, but don't let it get in the way of having fun!
Where do you want to go first?