Monday, October 15, 2012

Travel for the Low Cash Flow

I was reminded that college students would love to travel but don't really have the money. As a college student myself I can relate. So why not let being a college student help you travel. Study abroad. There are usually several programs at universities. There are also opportunities for college students that aren't directly connected to specific universities. It's good advise to ask professors and fellow college students about different programs.
The programs and universities usually have scholarships to help with these trips. Plus, you can do legitimate fundraising, since it's with your schooling. This is not only a great way to travel, while still in college, but also a great way to study.
For those of you who are done with college and are interested. There are a number of programs to teach English abroad. I have to be licensed, which will cost a bit of money. The certification you need is called TEFL. This site is one of several that can guide you to pursuing this certification. This investment is worth it if you truly are interested in teaching abroad. There are larger opportunities for teaching in certain areas, specifically Asia and Spanish speaking countries. Don't get scared off though, you do not have to speak the language where your teaching. I have a friend who has done this in Paraguay, since graduating. She took a year and taught there before coming back for graduate school. She loved it! You, of course, may want to just continue on where you would go to teach. It would be a great opportunity to really learn the culture.
So now you see? You don't have to be out of college or wealthy to travel! Whoo hoo!

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